The EMK Center: The Women’s Valorant Championship

The EMK Center: The Women's Valorant Championship

The end of the second edition is very exciting at the EMK Center. The EMK Center hosted the second eBlaze Women Series Valorant Championship 2024, which ended with a bang and got gamers excited. Let’s look at the best parts of this exciting event!

The EMK Center: Morposix Celestials vs. Hellbent Caraxes in the Championship Clash

The winners from last year, Morposix Celestials, showed how brave they are again by beating Hellbent Caraxes 2-1 in the final game. The grand finals, which took place at EMK Center Gulshan Avenue on February 3, showed how competitive the eight teams in the Valorant League section were.

The EMK Center: The prize pool is huge, with BDT 80k on the line.

The event had a huge prize pool of BDT 80k, which made the games even more intense. Morposix Celestials won the championship and a nice BDT 50k prize. Hellbent Caraxes came in second and got BDT 20k. Team Alt F4 came in second place and won BDT 7,000 as a prize.

The EMK Center: People who sponsor and support

EMK Center, Zenetic Esports, and eBlaze esports all gave a lot of money to support the eBlaze Women Series Valorant Championship Grand Finale. These sponsors were very important to the success of the event.

Building on Success: An Annual Tradition

This all-female Valorant competition happened for the first time in 2023. The female esports community in Bangladesh loved it so much that the organizers have promised to make it happen every year. Because of this promise, the competition will continue to be a place where female gamers can show off their skills and love for Valorant.

Bangladesh is becoming more visible in female e-sports.

The fact that events like the eBlaze Women Series Valorant Championship are so popular shows that the game scene in Bangladesh is growing. Esports players who are women are making a name for themselves, and these events give them a chance to show off their skills. As the country’s reputation in women’s e-sports grows, so does the excitement for upcoming tournaments.

Looking ahead: Looking forward to the next season

It’s already time for the next season, even though the big finale is over. The eBlaze Women Valorant Championship is still a big event in the gaming world, and fans and female players can look forward to more exciting moments.

Additionally, the second eBlaze Women Series Valorant Championship was a huge success, and Morposix Celestials emerged as the winners once more. The event not only showed off the skills of female gamers, but it also showed how Bangladesh is becoming more important in the world of female esports. And while we wait for the next season SLOT GAMPANG MENANG. We know one thing for sure: the eBlaze Women Valorant Championship will continue to bring more action.